Mhadhiri means lecturer

university teacher, college teacher, professor, tutor, educator;
academic, academician, preceptor;
a member of a college or university faculty

We are the new wahadhiri: Lecturers, Mentors, Researchers, Innovators, Entrepreneurs. Bold and audicious.

Mhadhiri SACCO is an organization created by university lecturers in Kenya in the spirit of a new-found enterprise and unity of purpose. Wahadhiri have decided that they will take charge of their financial future and build an inheritance for their children's children. What better way than to first save, then build carefully and deligently?

Mhadhiri's Future: Fruitfulness

Mhadhili's Vision

Welcome to the Mhadhiri SACCO website. It is the place where big dreams are now being turned into reality. A place to obtain inpiration, to get energised by a focused and single-minded group of intellectuals who have decided to build a new path, new superhighway.

Mhadhiri has a very big vision stretching far into the future but believes that a journey of a thousand miles must be planned well and always begins with a single step. This is a journey of faith. A group of wise men and women have decided to walk their talk.

If the Mhadhiri vision sounds interesting to you, get our contacts on this website and write to us to get on board. Or, connect to the Mhadhiri online registration form and join right away! Walk the talk today. No more theory.

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Here are some of low hanging fruit in the Kenyan and African Economies:

 Mobilizing SavingsMobilizing Savings
Higher EducationHigher Education
Real Estate DevelopmentReal Estate Development
Retirements Benefits ManagementPensions Management
Money MarketMoney Market
Academic PublishingAcademic Publishing




Mhadhiri News

Registration of Mhadhiri

After a long arduous journey, Mhadhiri is finally registered! A registration certificate has been issued by the relevant government departmemt. All that is left is to operationalise the SACCO by opening a bank account and acquiring a few other essentials. All this is expected to happen within two weeks.

Therefore, dear Mhadhiri member, now is the time to formulate your financial plans so you can get going in a few weeks.

Kenya 2017

It's election year. Choose wisely. They say choices have consequences.

If it is God who allows leaders to lead, then it's wise to pray as well. Waswahili husema "siasa mbaya, maisha mbaya". Mungu atusaidie mwaka huu tusirudi 2007/8


Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural AGM meeting of the Mhadhiri SACCO will be held at the Technical University of Kenya on 20th July 2017 starting 12.00pm.

Dr.ir. Joseph BIRUNDU Mogendi:


I HAVE THE HONOR TO RECOGNIZE EACH OF YOU FOR HAVING IMMENSELY CONTRIBUTED TO THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THIS SACCO. To touch base, Mhadhiri was established after the realization that the university teaching fraternity is one big force that if organized as a single unit in matters financial mobilization it can enjoy tremendous benefits of economies of scale as opposed to the currently fragmented SACCOs in every university. It is not lost to us that UASU has been largely successful owing to its national nature as an umbrella organization with chapters at every university. Against this backdrop a good number of University academic staff members felt the need to establish a nationwide SACCO for the university teaching fraternity that will, among other things, re-engineer and support the orientation of a Kenyan Don in contemporary financial services not only at the university but also at the societal level for the benefit of their wellbeing. This realisation led to the establishment of Mhadhiri SACCO that not only envisages strong support from University academic staff members but also their commitment to this course as well as their future. The milestone achieved so far is commendable, and we wish to indicate the following:

  1. That the first meeting to validate the establishment of a Mhadhiri sacco that has the university don in perspective was held in April 2017:
  2. That the first meeting validated an interim office to initiate a registration process and assemble all the necessary instruments for creation of the Sacco.
  3. That Mhadhiri was formed to address the fact that existing saccos are fragmented with each university having its own hence not benefiting from economies of scale;
  4. That the saccos were heterogeneous consisting of both teaching and non teaching staff yet we wanted one of our own.
  5. That the existing saccos were not well managed and Don's needed something that is well streamlined to meet their needs.
  6. That the registration process was completed after a three month period, culminating with the award of a certificate of registration by ministry of cooperatives, not withstanding the politics of the day.
  7. That the registration was followed by the KRA registration and formalisation of the unit.
  8. That as a requirement all members are expected to attend a first AGM meeting to actualize the sacco actions.

I wish to confirm that all the documentation necessary for the operationalization of the sacco are now in place.

In this regard therefore, a full AGM is scheduled on Thursday the 20th July 2017 in TUK starting 12.00Pm, to validate these actions and officially launch the sacco. We will be sharing the specific agenda items for discussion in the course of the week. All dons are invited and kindly keep time. Yours Dr. Ir. Joseph Birundu Mogendi, Interim Secretary, Mhadhiri Sacco.



We would love to hear from you.

Head Office: Ambassador Court, 2nd Floor, Jakaya Kikwete Rd. (formerly Milimani Rd), Opp. Heron Court Hotel,P.O. Box 13861, NAIROBI - 00100, Kenya
Phone: +254 750 706060

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